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Epic Diseño+Construcción

For the past 39 years, Epic diseño+construcción has enhanced horizons with iconic developments by the sea, characterized by biophilic, innovative design that endures over time.

They have redefined urban environments in the northern area of Cartagena de Indias, fostering distinctive and dynamic communities and symbolic landmarks that have become sources of local development. Carefully designed projects with finishes and amenities that transform spaces into vibrant residential environments.

Serena del Mar

Novus Civitas

Novus Civitas is a management firm for large urban projects that brings together prominent architects, engineers, and designers to conceive, manage, and develop new cities, thus fulfilling the dreams of visionary entrepreneurs.

The development proposals of Novus Civitas respond to the demands of the geographical areas in the influence zones where they operate under the principles of collective well-being, respect for the environment, tradition, and culture, and the need to build better to live better.